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Are you also looking for Best Motivational Blog in Hindi on the internet?  If yes then you do not need to go anywhere because today in this article you will get information about all those popular Hindi blogs.

Here today we will know about all the famous Motivational Hindi blogs that you were looking for.  Along with this, you will also get a lot of information about them.  You can find such information on very few blogs in one place.  In such a situation, you will get a complete list of all these popular Motivational Blogger in Hindi on our blog.  At the same time, this list is also updated with time.  So make sure to bookmark this link.

Then without delay, let’s start and know about these Top 10 Hindi Motivational Blogs.

What are Motivational Blogs?

Motivational Blogs: There are blogs in which you get articles that inspire you.  These blogs are specially written to change the lives of people.  I mean to say that how you can find solutions to the problems in life, you will get about them in this.

Also, you will find many such things on this blog on how to never be disappointed in life and always teach yourself to move forward.  If you are interested in the second category, then definitely read the article of ‘Best Hindi Blog’.

Best Hindi Motivational Blogs 2022

Here you will get information related to all those famous Hindi Motivational Blogs, which you were looking for for a long time.

1. is a very famous Best Hindi Motivational Blog.  Its founder is Gopal Mishra.  He regularly publishes articles in this blog.  At the same time, you will also get to read stories, essays and poems in good content.

  • Founder/Owner Gopal Mishra
  • Started In Year August 2011
  • Topics CoveredHindi Quotes, Hindi Stories, Self Improvement
  • Income Source Adsense, Affiliate, Promotion
  • Alexa Rank6,132 (as on 1 January 2022)

2. This is also a very familiar blog in its niche.  Once you start reading this, you will not need to go anywhere else.  Its founder is Pawan Kumar ji, who is a very simple and true person.  He conveys the things of positive thinking to the people through his blog.

  • Founder/Owner Pawan Kumar
  • Started In Year October 2013
  • Topics Covered Motivational Articles, Quotes, Biography
  • Income Source Adsense
  • Alexa Rank17,381 (as on 1 January 2022)

3. When it comes to Motivation and we do not talk about this blog, it cannot happen like this.  Believe me, the founder of this blog is Manish Vyas, who is constantly creating positive feelings among the people through his blog.  Together they are also bringing awareness among people about how they can improve their lives. He has contributed a lot to this Hindi blogging world.

  • Founder/Owner Manish Vyas
  • Started In Year July 2014
  • Topics Covered Motivational Articles, Quotes, Biography, Business Ideas
  • Income Source Adsense
  • Alexa Rank15,353 (as on 1 January 2022)

4. There is another blog in this section, this Gyanipandit.  This blog has been on the internet for a long time.  Its founder is Mayur K.  On this blog you will find many Motivational Articles, Quotes and Biography to read in Hindi language.  As the name of the blog suggests, you will get to know many things of knowledge in this.  This blog has contributed a lot to the Hindi blogging world.

  • Founder/Owner Mayur K
  • Started In Year September 2014
  • Topics Covered Motivational Articles, Quotes, Biography
  • Income Source Adsense
  • Alexa Rank4981 (as on 1 January 2022)

5. If you want to improve your thinking then you have to have good thinking.  You will find some such interesting and inspiring content on this blog Achhigyan.

If you do not know, then for your information, let me tell you that the founder of this blog is Z.A.G Admin, that is, it is being run jointly by a team.  You will get many articles to read on this blog about how you can bring change in your life through good knowledge.

Founder/OwnerZ.A.G AdminStarted In YearFebruary 2016Topics CoveredHindi Quotes, Hindi Stories, Self ImprovementIncome SourceAdsense, AffiliateAlexa Rank15,309 (as on 1 January 2022)

These were some very famous motivational Hindi blogs.  There are many other blogs too but we may not have covered them.  If you want us to cover them too then you can provide us their information in the comment below.

What did you go today?

I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about Motivational Blog In Hindi 2022 and I hope you have understood about Top Hindi Blogs of India.

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Friends, I want to tell you this clearly that the list which I have provided here, I did not give it under the influence of anyone.  This is absolutely an absolute decision, while the best thing is that the list will also be changed from time to time so that good and new blogs can get a place in it.

I will definitely try to solve those doubts.  How did you like this article Popular Motivational Blogger in Hindi, do tell us by writing a comment so that we too get a chance to learn something from your thoughts and improve something.

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