5 best WordPress caching plugins to speed up your blog

Today you will know about the best WordPress Cache plugins in 2021. If you are looking for a caching plugin to speed up your WordPress blog then you will read this article.

So, you already know what caching is and how important it is to have a useful caching plugin.

Instead of wasting your time and having the same thing read to you.  Let’s get right to the point of helping you choose the best WordPress caching plugin for your WordPress website / blog.

To make the selection process easier, I have carefully selected a list of the 10 best WordPress cache plugins available.

Read on to find out which is the best caching plugin for your WordPress website / blog.

List of the 10 best WordPress caching plugins 2021 (HANDPICKED)

  1. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is one of the most popular premium WordPress caching plugins available.  It has gained significant goodwill over the years by providing an easy to use interface.

This cache plugin cuts your load time and delivers lightning-fast performance throughout.  The main reason WP Rocket is my best shot is because of its beginner-friendliness and quick setup.

You get a one-click installation with an automatic WordPress crawler that helps with automatic cache creation.

You can also enable several optional features like minification, CDN support, lazy load times, DNS prefetch, etc.  WP Rocket offers three licenses at various prices: $ 49 for a single website, $ 99 for three sites, and $ 249 for an unlimited number of websites.

This feature-rich plugin does not offer a free trial.  However, you receive a 14-day refund option on all licenses, which makes WP Rocket the best WordPress caching plugin on our list.

WP Rocket offers Cloudflare compatibility which helps you improve your website speed even further.

Additionally, WP Rocket offers optimization for Google Fonts, which other plugins don’t provide.

To add icing on the cake, the plug is fully compatible with Kinsta’s server-level caching to give you lightning-fast performance.

Additionally, to clean up your WordPress database, WP Rocket offers data optimization that further reduces the number of resources used.  To be simple, WP Rocket is by far one of the best WordPress caching plugins.

2. Total cache W3

W3 is another popular WordPress cache plugin with over millions of installs.  The reason it is widely used is because of their free service.

To be clear, W3 Total cache is a free cache plugin that offers decent speed and works well even for mobile websites.

This plugin offers some of the useful features like HTTP compression, limited minification, CDN support, page and object cache, stream optimization, etc.

The plugin is fully compatible with any hosting plan you choose such as Dedicated, Shared or VPS, W3 is bound to give you fast speed and improve the overall performance of your website.

If you own an online store, W3 brings an added benefit of SSL support for your store to make it faster.  As mentioned earlier, minification and compression are available with caching.

Since this plugin is free, you don’t need to invest in this plugin.  However, not everything that is free is the best option.  One of the major drawbacks to W3’s full caching is the user interface.  W3 offers tons of options which make the whole interface a bit intimidating and confusing for beginners to understand.

As a beginner, starting with W3 can be a headache for you as they officially don’t offer any tutorials.  However, there are a number of tutorials available on the internet that can help you understand and configure.

Despite their tough user interface, W3 got a massive 4.3 starts out of 5. My experience may be different from yours.  Therefore, if you are heading for a free WordPress cache plugin, W3 Total Cache might be the right choice.

3. WP Super Cache

WP Super hides in another open source and very popular WordPress cache that is on my list because of its millions of active installs and the speed it offers.  WP Super Cache plugins keep your website from overloading due to high traffic and slowdown.  One of the main reasons you would be drawn to this amazing plugin is because of its extremely easy setup.

You don’t need any update after installing the cache plugin.  WP Super Cache comes with all the basic features your website needs such as advanced cache preloading, unique CDN, page cache and more.

A unique feature of WP Super Cache is known as cache rebuild which, instead of flushing the cache, rebuilds itself on the same and is presented to your audience.  Rather than forcing any cache mode, you can choose between simple mode for beginners and everyday users, and expert mode for developers and advanced users who like more control over caching.

WP Super Cache is pretty straightforward to activate and most of the backend settings are already filled in, saving you a bit of time while making the setup process a lot easier.  The only downside to this plugin is that it doesn’t offer any documentation support.

4.WP’s fastest cache

You must have noticed that the names of all the plugins are linked.  However, the fastest WP plugin is similar to other plugins but with a few additional specs.  It is well known to speed up your site and provide one of the best performance.  You can get your hands on this plugin for free.  However, the free version lacks some of the main tools your site needs.

You can upgrade to Premium right from your dashboard instead of installing additional plugins.  The premium version gives you better tools that will help your website acquire a handful of features.  That being said, WP Fastest Cache charges a one-time fee for the bounty, so you don’t have to worry about paying every interval.

Another thing that made WP Fastest on our best WordPress X plugin is its ease of use.  Parameters are exceptionally easy to understand, although if not, information boxes are available to help you understand what each parameter does.

One of the features that I like about the plugin is that the image optimization is done separately so that you have a clear idea of ​​how much space is used.  The plugin is updated at regular intervals, which ensures that you receive fast performance despite the traffic.

5. Hyper-cache

Hyper Cache is one of the premium PHP cache plugins designed for all WordPress websites.  The plugin doesn’t require any complex setup, so you can run the Cache plugin or any kind of blog you own.

One of the scenarios where cache plugins fail is due to active user feedback, but Hyper Cache has additional features that provide cache efficiency even during this scenario.

In short, hyper cache does not affect your website even with high traffic.  Plus, it offers separate caching for mobile and desktop.

Hyper Cache is great for beginners because it is quick and easy to install without any hassle.  If you are running a forum, Hyper Cache is a great solution for you.

Settings can be tricky and difficult to understand at times, but HyperCache is here for you because there is a lot of information available on what each setting does.

The plugin is a great choice for beginners as well as advanced users.  It also handles CDN and compression with this plugin.

A unique feature of Hyper Cache is that when you back up your files the caching will be kept away from your blog and when uploading the caching is not provided with your file which saves you money.  space.

You get all the features of Hyper Cache free of charge.  This plugin is an open source plugin that does not charge you any fees for the service it provides.

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