LinkCollider Review: Is It Worth Buying?

LinkCollider Review: Does it really provide free social signals, backlinks and other tools?  If yes, are they of quality?  That’s what I will discuss throughout this piece.

Note that this is a 100% free tool.  If you don’t want to, you don’t have to pay.  So, if Facebook likes, tweets, Instagram are some of the things you need or want for free, then this is for you.

So let’s get started?
What is LinkCollider?  What does it offer?

LinkCollider’s tagline says – “Free Social Media Advertising”.  In fact it does much more.

However, let’s start at the top?  It is primarily an “exchange” service.  You liked someone’s post, someone else liked your post.  Not only post, the platform also lets users exchange:

youtube view

youtube subscriber

Facebook Share/Like

instagram follow

tiktok follows

pinterest pin

wordpress post

blogger post

click on a link

website visit

stumbling post

tumblr post


And free backlinks too!

(If you’re interested in backlinking and SEO, you should check out my SEMrush review).

It also has a “bookmarking” feature.  A list of sites is provided.  You do find bookmarks there, although they need to be submitted manually and are not automatic like other features.

user interface

LinkCollider is very easy to use.
Let me split the screen into parts for easier understanding?

So, from the top-bar, you get the most important options.  These include submitting a new website, collecting tokens, other tools on LINKCollider, and account upgrades.

The left sidebar shows the token and account information.  No.  of the coins you have left (explained later), membership details, token caps, etc.

There’s also a “Summary Report” below that.

It shows the total number of likes/shares/clicks/tweets received on all the websites/channels you have submitted and everything else.

On the right, or center as you call it, each of your submitted websites is shown.  Individual likes/shares/clicks data is shown for each.

In short?  It’s all very basic, simple and extremely easy to understand, isn’t it?

“Token” – LinkCollider Currency

How or why would someone give you that social sign for free, right?

Well, there’s this thing called a “token” on LinkCollider.  You get:

For free by liking/commenting/clicking or doing something else for others.

You can also buy tokens directly using real money.

How much token you get per activity depends on the user who created the activity.  During activity creation, the user has full control over the amount of tokens to be paid for that activity.

No.  Reward tokens are clearly mentioned for each activity along with the activity.

Autosurf – Automatic Free Tokens

This is another method using which you can get free tokens on LinkCollider.  I am mentioning it separately because it is a bit unique.

You really don’t have to do anything.  Just go to the “Autosurf” page and keep the window open!

LinkCollider automatically shows different websites, with a timer at the top.  After the timer runs out, a new website is loaded.

You get between 10-50 tokens for each website you visit.  It’s special because you don’t have to do anything.

Also, the window doesn’t have to be on your “screen”.  Meaning, you can open other tabs and continue with your other tasks.  LinkCollider will give you a token as long as the window is open, even if it is in the background!

(In my experience, it works like charm. You can make anywhere 1000-2000 tokens by keeping the window open for less than 30 minutes).

Submit Website/Channel

As mentioned earlier, you can submit multiple channels/links/pages etc. to LinkCollider.

Submission is also quite easy.

Just enter url, yt channel link, twitter username or anything where you want to increase your likes/follows/tweets or anything else.
Then determine the amount of the reward for the activity.  The lowest possible reward is 10, and the highest is 50.

Users will see this post of yours, if they like the reward token amount, you will get what you wanted.

On the other hand, you can do the same for other people and increase your tokens to use to your advantage.

What you can’t submit:

Anything that is sexual in nature.
shortened URL
forced redirect
And of course, sites with viruses.

Free Backlink Generator

Imagine getting quality, manually created backlinks for free!

Well, this is something else that LinkCollider can do for you.  The process is exactly the same.

You enter a URL that requires backlinks, enter a title and description and you’re set.

Then why mention it separately on this LinkCollider review?  Simply because when you’re doing that, you can’t select no.  The number of reward tokens you can offer manually.  It is set to 150tokens/backlink.

The “Description” field can be used to type the anchor text you want for your backlinks.

Note that if you have a paid plan, any paid plan, LinkCollder gives you 1 free do-follow link to all your listed sites every day!

Each link is on a unique domain, and all links are do-follow.

Note that you have no control over the quality of the links you receive.  Hence, I would recommend using it with caution.  It’s better to have no links than a spam link (obviously, most links on LinkCollider will probably be of quality).

article rewriter

This is an additional tool that you find on LinkCollider.  Note that this is not an “exchange” service, but a complete tool.  Meaning, you don’t spend tokens.  You just use the tool for free.

As the name suggests, it rewrites articles for you.  You enter your content, it gives you a whole new variety.

Now, here’s my honest opinion, it’s not worth it.  I mean this personal trait, not worth it.

The rewritten text is mostly either 99% identical to the actual content, or too messy to make any sense.

Sure it worked a decade ago when I was just getting started with blogs.  Today?  Not so much.

spintax tester and article spinner

This is unique and interesting.  Again, another personal attribute and not an “exchange” service.

So, SpinTax Checker lets you add “alternate words” between words and sentences.

These alternative words can then be used to generate spun (rewritten) material.

I know, it’s not very easy to understand like this.  The screenshot below will make it easier:

So, one of the words within parentheses will be used to generate new content.  Meaning, in one variation it may use “the” while in another variation it may produce “special”, “real”, etc.  This variation of material is called spintax.

This means that you control which words are changed in a spun article.  You can also manually enter words within brackets, so only those words are used in the newly generated content.

Now, it works great on LinkCollider.

“Article Spinner” is another tool you find on Linkcallider.  This article does not rewrite.  Rather, it generates spintaxes (optional words within parentheses) for your content.  You can change or add your own words in SpinTax for better rewriting articles.

$1.00 for 500 clicks!  – lclinks

LCLinks is a link shortener that provides LinkCollider.

It’s pretty basic.  You enter any URL and get a shortened URL in return.  It’s easy to share and forward.

For every 500 people who visit your link, you get paid $1.00.  With only 5000 hits, you can earn $10.00 which I would say is still a pretty decent payout.

Withdrawals are possible via PayPal.  The minimum payment limit is set at $30.00.

LinkCollider Token Pricing

So, if you want to buy tokens, how much will they cost?

Well, there are 4 plans.  Pricing primarily does not decide.  The number of tokens you will receive, the token cap (the maximum number of tokens you can earn/day), and the number of websites/channels you can submit.

$0.00: Yes, there’s also a free forever account!

Premium: $19.99/month

Premium: $79.99 for 6 months

Gold: $39.99/month

Gold for professionals and companies: $139.99 for 6 months.

I would say it is quite affordable.  I mean the $19.99 plan means you’ll get at least 30 backlinks a month for free, on top of all the other features and social signals that LinkCollider offers.

For payments, you can pay using both credit card and PayPal accounts.

My only problem with the company?  They do not have a refund policy.  They do, but it’s on a case-by-case basis, with no guarantees.  Not that it matters much but it hurts nonetheless.

LinkCollider Review- Final Verdict

So, is LinkCollider worth it?  I would say yes, why not?  For starters, you can get started absolutely free.  Even the free account gives you all the features (except the free daily backlinks).

As for the channels available, it literally covers everything.  You get signals for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and more.

The best part?  It’s all organic.  Follows or likes are not from “bots”.  They are real people, following you for real.  It’s still not the best way to get a follow, but a bot is better than buying a follow, right?

So yes, that’s all for this LinkCollider review folks.  Go try it, it’s free anyway.

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